Intelligence+Full House ArE Leading The Trend

2017 has gone and 2018 has come. Exactly what is the trend of the home industry 2018? The home furnishing establishments and the real financial system are nearby, and we could all of feel the power connected with developing in the property industry. In the exhibition, the whole house customization offers become a very hot spot, Internet+ is one particular aspect that property furnishing industry should improve. Team is in addition difficult residence furnishing companies. Often the manager has arranged typically the analysis of the four important trends in the household industry around 2018, and I hope to assist you to summarize your company accomplishments and even experience in 2017.

Information construction: the key to be able to development

Careful people will find that, in addition to be able to expanding capacity and brand building, they will furthermore invest heavily in a person thing: The information design. The most investment is definitely more than one hundred or so million RMB, minimal is definitely around tens of trillion RMB. In terms of informatization, everyone knows of which low level informatization in addition to deficiency of recognition of brand new technology application lead often the low procedure proficiency. Often the good is from this past year some home furnishing shown companies have begun to focus on the construction of business details and have been ready to invest in this area.

Competition among companies will depend on the two essential elements: this efficiency and even the cost. Underneath the circumstance that informatization building has turn out to be increasingly important plus a trend which cannot be halted, no one can avoid from that. The home furnishing industry should set off the top-down information revolution, between which in turn a lot regarding prospects are concealed. The info companies that surfaced in recent years including Yfang and Lejia, in addition, Kujiale, Sanweijia, Dabanjia likewise came to often the market.

In order to W channel construction: the key company base

This To help B channel may not necessarily be regarded as the modern trend, but compared to the past, and the effectiveness is far more obvious, besides typically the franchise route, the merchandise output channels likewise incorporate this project channel largely facing the upstream genuine property companies. In the recent two years, the inner surface design company has turn into a new station, consequently many companies began to take note of interior design firms and set upwards interior design division. There will be a couple of options for typically the home pieces of furniture enterprises. First one is: first, to stop affecting the interests associated with sellers, through different solutions process to establish a good direct co-operation and supply items right, which can be known as F2C and that is warm recently. Second is usually to transform the channels into services operators, making the dealer function the interior style companies. This is a new chance for dealers.

Whenever we may say that there is normally uneven amount in this distribution system having several abilities, then when it comes to For you to B, the home furniture companies almost are at the identical starting line. Dealing with the newest opportunities, the real estate furniture companies need for you to have ability to instantly make it through the upstream plus downstream resources,. In improvement, one of the critical points is that strong company base is essential, even the countrywide manufacturer influence, after all it is really an years of brand competition.

Joker Customization: the marketplace is overheated and will need to innovate

Within 2017, it was a big yr for the household furniture factories being shown in the market, in addition to it was likewise the very hot calendar year regarding the full house choices. It seems that one really think shy when he will not mention this individual involves the particular full house creating to order. In all kinds of household furniture exhibition, the halls intended for full house customization are usually the most famous. If we acquire a rational viewpoint, this market was a minor very hot, the reason is definitely very simple, the prerequisites for the whole household customization will be comprehensive plus there are a lot of field barriers which include ability involving research and development, brand, the software of information technology, product sales and even service network, the particular ability regarding large-scale accommodating customization capacity. Of training, we also believe that in the future the complete house modification is a big trend, nevertheless while mentioned earlier, the total property customization has the high requirement of sales plus service system. At this kind of stage, franchise is still a solid demand, which in turn will continue regarding a few years. Although the way is now facing more in addition to more challenges, regarding establishments, this is still a smart way to reach the particular user, even if typically the whole house customization is and so hot, this still are not able to stand without channel schedule.

Smart manufacturing: the subsequent new issue

Actually smart manufacturing is not solely this problem that the particular enterprise should face, nevertheless more importantly, they have grown to the national level. Therefore, intelligent manufacturing will be beginning to be fit on the agenda. Home building materials enterprises along with strong finance happen to be betting heavily in the job areas of intelligence, industrialization plus informatization, relying on brand new technology such as good sized data in addition to cloud processing as the main driving a vehicle force to comprehensively encourage enterprise innovation and improving.

There is no uncertainty that the intelligent manufacturing will become a fresh topic, but the ideal can be full, the simple fact is certainly very skinny, what all of us have experienced are only several large scale supplying businesses, there are still a good large number of establishments which can not preserve up with fashionable. Entire speaking, China Property Furnishing business intelligence and also the precise product information construction is relatively slow, there is long way to go off. At the same time period, we should preserve an positive attitude to see things. Having the development of new technologies in AI industry and the application regarding industries, it will have plenty connected with room for visualization within the future.

At this end of 2017, quite a few home companies have furthermore visit a summary involving the results of this particular year. Try to sort out out this year's hot sector, we will look for the four points throughout this year. Maybe if home pieces of furniture industries may grasp typically the development craze of the particular industry, they can create more correct forecasts for your development of
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